Monday, August 16, 2010

Illegals Worldwide

It appears Arizona, now followed by Florida, is setting up a national issue on the subject of illegal aliens. However, there is more going on than the ease at entering America, not paying taxes, and using various social benefits paid for by tax paying Americans. One business thrives off of illegals, and while you may not see this business often, trust me, they target illegal populations whenever they open a location: Western Union.

Western Union went bankrupt with the competition from the internet but saw wire transfers as saving grace. Illegals send hundreds of billions of dollars back home every year, and not just to Mexico and Cuba. Any place with a large foreign population, especially illegals, has a Western Union. Average Americans may not see them everyday because we are not their target consumers. They have more locations worldwide than Walmart, Starbucks, and McDonalds combined. I know this, because I used to work at a gas station and I became so good as Western Union that many customers, not able to speak much English, would only let me do their wire transfers for them.

When people talk of illegals sending money home, they tend not to mention Western Union. As if illegals are getting bank accounts and doing wire transfers and have off shore accounts. If they knew this much about finance, they would not be crossing the border. Western Union is an American company whose revenue stream depends on illegals in the US. It appears England is having problems with illegals too,and I bet Western Union is capitalizing on them as well.

How this can happen is rather simple. Most illegals live with many families under one roof. This idea is a bit odd to most Americans because one family is a bit much, and a family reunion once a year is pressing it. The math is simple; you are splitting rent and bills for every family in that house. One house, ten families, lets say, and you can have your share of the rent in a few days of work. They then take the extra money they do not need and send it back home to whichever relatives they so choose. Since the average salary of an unskilled worker in Mexico is somewhere around a US dollar a day, crossing the border to work for what most of us would consider peanuts is actually a rather decent living for them.

There are of course, people worried that 'illegals are taking our jobs' and so forth. One, they are only doing jobs that most Americans will not do for cheap, and two, they are not taking doctor jobs, lawyer jobs, accounting jobs, CEO jobs, stock market analysis jobs, or any thing like that. They worry about the growing Mexican movement in the US. Two things once again work in the favor of the powers that be.

Education. Most illegals do not have any education whatsoever, which is why they came here to do unskilled work. Most people without an education do not prize just how valuable it is, and do not pass this onto their children. Do not believe me? Look around in America at your fellow Americans. Most people cannot read a book in a sitting and that is why they do not own any. They call a library a DVD collection. If they own a Bible they have not read it cover to cover. They are no longer telling their kids to do good in school so they can go to college to be someone someday. Most Mexican illegals cannot read a book in Spanish, and many of their kids cannot read a book in English or Spanish. The second weapon is TV. Their kids are Mexican-Americans alright, and if they watch enough TV they assimilate nicely. Notice that no one talks of Mexican illegals families sending their anchor baby kids to college in record numbers, but living in poor communities produces violence and gangs and other assorted crimes. Their children work along side Americans doing service jobs. Watching TV. Eating junk food. No threat to anyone.

Rich people wanted a docile, subservient, cheap labor force, and found one. Mexican officials actively encourage their poor to come here thanks to the Western Union phenomenon. They are guaranteed to send money home to help out their economy. No need to provide for their own at home if they can send them across the border [hopefully the rich in America will not do that to us]. 370,000 locations worldwide. Many economies across the globe the dollar is funding. The war to keep an open border is bigger than we think.


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